Tapestry, 2006 – Present

Viewing the spectacular collection of Tehran’s National Carpet Museum while visiting Iran in 2001 became the genesis for a new body of work begun in 2006. Standing before those tapestries and carpets I was moved by their beautiful density, color, and their complex elegance and formal intelligence. Produced by anonymous artists, they projected a powerfully embracing generosity of spirit. The experience upended my conventional notions associated with the term ”beauty” and suggested levels of nuance that, considering the medium I have used for decades, could perhaps shape and inspire an eventual project in photography. This idea also related to my ongoing interest in the iconography of the landscape and how photography describes the landscape, as well as the idea of improbability in photographic representation in the digital age.
Five years later that experience became the inspired starting point for a body of work that mirrors the richness of the form - not by duplicating weaving’s patterned symmetry, but by rethinking the structure of photographic images that engages my interest in the fabricated landscape.
Additional details on the visit to Iran are available on this site under Projects: Persian Visions.