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Crow River – McKnight Open Spaces Project 2002

In the spring of 2002 ten photographers were commissioned by the McKnight Foundation to each photograph one of ten assigned sites located in a seven county Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan region as a component of a multi-media endangered open space protection campaign. The goal was to create a small collection of evocative landscape photos for use on the web, in publications, in news articles, in an exhibition, and future public service ads.

The photographs in this sample selection were made at the Crow River, north of the town of Rockford, Minnesota, from June to November 2002 for the Project. A growing familiarity with, and affection for, the area resulted in extended work beyond the initial commission. Twenty-nine, 24 x 30 inch photographs presented in thirteen groups of two, and one group of three, comprise the final project portfolio.

Crow River 1

Crow River #1

Crow River 2

Crow River #2

Crow River 3

Crow River #4

Crow River 4

Crow River #6

Crow River 5

Crow River #7

Crow River 6

Crow River #9

Crow River 7

Crow River #11

Crow River 8

Crow River #12