Edge 2001

In mid summer after sunset and before dark, floating in the twilight of the fading day, is a short period of liquid light that renders objects on one hand as flat silhouette, or on the other, as three dimensional form. During this threshold of about twenty minutes, the work of the eye's rods and cones seem to balance each other, and both light and vision conspire to layer form and shape color, in the subtlest ways.
Presented here is a group of sixteen, 44” x 36” prints made the summer of 2001, photographed at dusk between 9:00 and 10:00 PM over a five-week period in July and August that explores this phenomenon. From a distance, the images appear as black and white photographs. On closer inspection, color appears in the works, much as it does in the evening light they represent and becomes an important element in the experience of the works.