Premium Glassware, 2003-2005

“Premium Glassware” continues earlier work in figurative self-portraiture begun 1993 by incorporating three-dimensional software to construct a virtual 3-D space with 3-D objects.
“Premium Glassware” employs the familiar characteristics of the ordinary drinking glass or vase. Beyond its associations as a utilitarian object, in this work the virtual glassware also serves as a structural and optical device that colludes as an optical element with imported photographic images. In the process, a common utilitarian object becomes a cultural one as well, taking place in our contemporary world next to the decorated vessels of the past that often portrayed the heroics of different times and cultures.
The pieces begin with studio photographs that are designed and modified in digital imaging software. These finished files are then imported into 3-D software and mapped onto virtual glasses created in the 3-D software. These combined files are then positioned in the 3-D space and rendered as high-resolution raster image files.