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Mississippi/Neva, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1998

Gary Hallman, Curator

The Mississippi/Neva project was a joint exchange exhibition with the Alexander Borovski, the Chief Curator of Contemporary Art at the State Russian Museum. The American exhibition of nine photographers, suspended from monofilament line was installed in the dramatic ballroom and adjacent spaces of St. Petersburg’s Stroganoff Palace. The following year “Neva/Mississippi”, an exhibition of contemporary Russian photography, curated by Mr. Borovsky was hosted at the Minnesota Center for Photography (pARTs Gallery), Minneapolis, Minnesota. The project supported exchange travel by three American and three Russian artists whose work was included in the two exhibitions as well as travel for Mr. Borovsky and Ms. Valentina Bulyava, Photography Curator, State Russian Museum.

Mississippi/Neva 1

Mississippi/Neva Poster, State Russian Museum

Mississippi/Neva 2

Installing the exhibition in the Stroganoff Palace

Mississippi/Neva 3

Installation, Mississippi /Neva

Mississippi/Neva 4

Suspended images, installation

Mississippi/Neva 5

Members of the St. Petersburg press at the exhibition

Mississippi/Neva 6

Press photographer before opening

Mississippi/Neva 7

Opening speeches with Borovsky and Hallman

Mississippi/Neva 8

Exhibition opening

Mississippi/Neva 9

Alexander Borovsky interviewed by TV media at opening