New Construction 1980 - 1981

"New Construction" is a suite of images originally photographed during the summer and fall of 1981 on construction sites that accompanied a boom in office and condominium development in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Surprisingly beautiful or acid colors rendered in photographs at sites that at first glance appear gray were critical to the work, but technical limitations in the control over color during their production led to storing the negatives for later consideration. Some prints were exhibited as 20" x 24", conventional color photographic prints and now are included in the collections of the Target Center, Minneapolis, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
With advances in digital print technology now offering a level of color control and stability unavailable twenty years ago, the original negatives of this project were revisited in 2001. Twenty-seven negatives were selected from the original work, scanned and printed by the artist as 36” x 30” pigmented ink prints on rag paper. Twelve samples from the original group are presented here.