• Price List, 2019
  • Handling and Framing

Price List, 2019

The images in the selections below are printed on Museo Silver Rag, an archival 100% cotton rag 300 gram fine art paper using Epson large format printers with Ultrachrome pigmented inks. This paper has a robust semi gloss surface that represents the color, saturation, and tonal range of these images with extraordinary richness and offers an archival stability of approximately 100 years when displayed under UV glass or UV Plexiglas. Prints are also available on matte surface 100% rag 300 gsm Moab Entrada paper.

Prints are signed in pencil on the reverse side with title, signature, year, and edition number. Upon request prints will be with signed same information on the bottom front with acid free, light fast, fine-line black pigmented ink.

Images are printed at one inch from the media edge to the widest image edge that maximizes the manufactured aspect ratio of the paper. Premium Glassware image “Bramble” would be printed 33 inches high by 45.80 inches on a 35 x 47 inch sheet, the longer Digital Works, “Karoshi Deal” would be printed 45 inches wide by 20 inches high on the same dimension paper. Prints are not cut or trimmed to accommodate handling or optional trimming for framing by the owner. Image files listed under the 35” x 47” paper size column can also be printed on a wide variety of custom or specialty media up to 60 + inches wide for unique site installations.

Prints are wrapped in archival interleafing, and shipped in rigid, three ply, six-inch diameter tubes. Additional information on prints, shipping, or availability on other media is available from the artist. Price includes shipping. A shipping invoice includes print production and edition data. Image edition is twenty in each media size listed.

Prints may be ordered through the Contact Page. Print payment is by check or money order. Shipment is within two weeks via UPS or Fed-Ex second day.

2019 Price List
Paper sizes 17" x 22" 24" x 30" 30" x 36" 35" x 47" 44" x 55"
Edition size 20 20 20 20 5
Selection Titles  
Tapestry $700 $1000 $1600 $2400 $3000
Premium Glassware $700 $1000 $1600 $2400 N/A
Digital Works $700 $1000 $1600 $2400 N/A
Edge $700 $1000 $1600 $2400 N/A
Figure in the Landscape $700 $1000 N/A N/A N/A
New Construction $700 $1000 $1600 $2400 N/A

When they arrive: handling and framing your prints.

  1. Unwrap your new prints on a clean and flat surface that is large enough to support the print, or keep the print in the shipping tube for protection until it is unwrapped at the framers. Do not store the print in its shipping tube.
  2. Prints are not trimmed, or edged in any way to allow room for handling and over-matting, and to allow for trimming to accommodate presentation options by the owner.
  3. Please handle prints with two hands from opposite corners or sides of the paper sheet to prevent buckling and print creasing. Avoid shuffling and sliding one print over another; move prints by lifting opposing corners and placing the print.
  4. Have your prints framed at a professional shop that knows how to handle art and is experienced in using archival materials and framing methods.
  5. If you choose to window matte the print, use white 100% cotton rag. Cut the window with side and top edges 3/8 inch beyond the image edge and with ½ inch beyond the bottom edge.
  6. Use only heavy ply rag or archival foam-core as print backing in framing. Do not use standard white foam core, cardboard or brown paper as a backing material behind artwork or for frame sealing.
  7. Use a UV filtering acrylic sheeting like CYRO Acrylite FF-3, or UV glass to frame your work. Large prints are best framed under UV acrylic sheet instead of glass to avoid breakage and print damage. While glare can sometimes be annoying, I prefer a smooth glass surface, and I do not recommend “non-glare” surfaces that tend to dull the image.
  8. Displaying artwork indoors where it will be struck by sunlight will damage the print and reduce image life. Always display prints away from bright or direct sunlight.
  9. The two print media used for this work are chosen for a number of image quality reasons, but also for its ease of display. Museo Silver Rag or Entrada Matte prints will not “cockle” over time without mounting as some RC media will, and they hang well in box frames without over-matting if the corners are tacked to the support board, with flexible linen hinges.
  10. Some evidence supporting dry mounting silver gelatin prints suggests that if properly done on high quality support material, image life is extended over that of unmounted prints by reducing pollution access to the back of the print media. Whether this logic makes any difference in extending the life of pigmented ink prints remains to be tested, however, low temperature dry mounting of Photo Rag prints on archival material will not damage or shorten the life of your prints. Museo Silver mounts easily. Use care when mounting Entrada Matte prints to avoid surface scuffing.
  11. Specks of dust can be easily removed before final framing by creasing a post-it note to create a “low tack” point and lifting the speck with the tack edge. Do not blow on the print, or rub it with any material or liquids.